binutils powerpc problems (fwd)
Mon Apr 5 06:43:00 GMT 1999

Bummer... upgrading did not solve this one for Ralf.  :(

Here is what he sent me.


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Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999 05:40:41 +0200
From: Ralf Corsepius <>
Subject: Re: binutils powerpc problems wrote:

> I know Ralf ran into this.  Just in case someone else did, here is the
> response.   Let me know if this fixes it for you.

No, it doesn't.

The situation is the same with binutils-, binutils-
and gas-990324

But now I think I've found the problem:

/usr/bin/install -c -m 0644

==>The wrong bsp_specs file gets installed to the build-tree.

This happens during processing the preinstall rule in c/Makefile.

This is an excerpt of: c/make_src_makefiles

> [..]
> ./src/lib/libbsp/shmdr/Makefile
> ./src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/dmv177/wrapup/Makefile
> ./src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/eth_comm/wrapup/Makefile
> ./src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/helas403/wrapup/Makefile
> ./src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/papyrus/wrapup/Makefile
> ./src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/ppcn_60x/wrapup/Makefile
> ./src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/psim/wrapup/Makefile
> ./src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/score603e/wrapup/Makefile
> ./src/lib/libc/Makefile
> [..]
Each of these lines is read in and the Makefile contained in this line is
called with RTEMS_BSP=${RTEMS_BSP} passed through the environment.

Each of the wrapup/Makefile's contains a rule of this kind:

> $(PROJECT_ROOT)/${RTEMS_BSP}/bsp_specs: ../bsp_specs
>     $(INSTALL_DATA) $< $@
> preinstall: $(PROJECT_ROOT)/${RTEMS_BSP}/bsp_specs

With "make RTEMS_BSP=eth_comm" invoked in src/lib/libbsp/powerpc/dmv177,
the dmv177 bsp_specs gets installed for eth_comm and no other bsp_specs
will get installed afterwards.

<rant> That preinstall crap interfers with one of my "towards automake"
patches again </rant>

This would also explain why I am not able to build most of the m68k BSPs
(Not yet cross-checked)

Now I don't understand why you don't seem to be effected by this problem.
AFAIS, it must be present for all cpus with more than one BSP !

I assume the cause for you not getting this problem is the order of inodes
on our disks, because c/ applies "find", which by lucky chance
installs a bsp_specs to the build-tree which presumably is compatible to
all powerpc BSPs in your case and only to some BSPs in my case.

I don't have a work-around or fix for this problem yet (It's 5:30am and I
urgently need to get some sleep), but this bug is severe enough to be fixed
pretty soon, if not to release a new snapshot.

I can imagine half a dozen of find/sed/grep/make trickery to work around
this problem in c/, so I can probably come up with a work-around
tomorrow, however I didn't find anything convincing yet.


Ralf Corsepius
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