powerpc problems??

H.J. Lu hjl@lucon.org
Fri Apr 2 07:09:00 GMT 1999

> Hi,
> I have reports from one of the RTEMS testers that he is having trouble
> linking applications with binutils- for powerpc-rtems
> (powerpc-eabi) and m68k-rtems (m68k-coff).  I am using binutils 2.9.1
> and not seeing his problems.  Other rtems targets do not show any
> problems.
> Other than that, I am using egcs 1.1.2 and he is using the current CVS
> source off that branch, so I think we are in close sync on that.
> Are there any known problems that we might have run into here?

Please try binutils I fixed a bug which is generic and
seems to only affect PPC.

H.J. Lu (hjl@gnu.org)

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