Problem generating statically linked binaries...

Thu Mar 25 04:01:00 GMT 1999

Dear Ian and all,
	I have somehow managed to build the crt* files for my MIPS - R4400 based 
system running the SVR4.2 UNIX, in order to get the GNU linker working.

I am still testing and once I come with something very concrete I will send 
them to you.. I need to work on those startups for profiling also.

O.K In the process I noticed that I am not able to generate statically 
linked binaries.

If I try something like 

gcc -v -static test.c -o test 


gcc -v -Xlinker -Bstatic test.c - test

and other combinations ....

I get segmenation faults trying to run those binaries. 

I would like to know , whether the startup files should be modified for 
building statically linked ones....

I have compiled the startup files using the '-KPIC' option. 

Even I tried to use the startups that were not compiled with this option , 
but had no success.

Thanks for any pointers to my problem

With best regards


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