assertion failures under sunos on the sparc

David S. Miller
Mon Nov 27 17:02:00 GMT 1995

It seems that if you interrupt a build of a tree halfway through, and
make doesn't clean up the half-written .o file properly, later on when
you link the screen fills with a monsterous amount of 'bfd-assertion
failure bfd/sunos.c'.  I get about 400 of them for the linux kernel
when this happens.

The error message is warranted because the linker is processing bogus
information, however this amount of verbosity is very overwhelming to
the user.  Is there a way to inform the user which object file is the
corrupt one instead during examination of objects in bfd?  If so, this
would be more useful than what happen currently.

This is with binutils-2.6

David S. Miller

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