An ld bug?

H.J. Lu
Tue Oct 3 08:20:00 GMT 1995

>    From: (H.J. Lu)
>    It seems gas-950822 doesn't treat common symbols right. Does the newer
>    snapshot still have this bug? BTW, I tested it under i486-linux.
> It only takes you a minute to note what you think is incorrect about
> the program.  Please do that, rather than making me figure out what
> the problem is.  Thanks.

Sorry for that.

> In this case, I assume that you think that the common symbol in the
> object file should cause the object in the archive to be brought in.
> That's the way in works in a.out, but it is not the way it works in
> ELF.  In ELF, objects are only brought in from archives to fill
> references by undefined symbols.
> However, interestingly, I tested the program on Irix 5, UnixWare, and
> Solaris, and, on Solaris, it works the way it does in a.out.  I assume
> this is for SunOS compatibility.  It happens to contradict the Solaris
> linker documentation: ``For an archive library, only those routines
> defining an unresolved external reference are loaded.''

>From my Solaris 2.3 linker manual, on page 12 regarding "Archive
Processing", it says the link-editor will extract a relocatable object
from an archive if it contains a data symbol definition that
satisfies a common symbol definition.

I think that makes sense. Maybe it has been changed in Solaris 2.4/2.5.


H.J. Lu
NYNEX Science and Technology, Inc.

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