gas-950822/powerpcle-unknown-eabisim - `gas -mbig' still little ...

Michael Meissner
Wed Aug 30 14:14:00 GMT 1995

| Hello,
| This one has puzzled me for a while.  Gas, when configured for LE
| PowerPC, should still be able to generate BE object files.
| Mysteriously it doesn't.  (ditto for BE configured gas generating LE
| object files). For instance, the assembler:

I noticed this and added the support already on 8/23.

Wed Aug 23 10:40:41 1995  Michael Meissner  <>

	* config/tc-ppc.c (set_target_endian): New static to say whether
	we've initialized target_big_endian or not.
	(md_parse_option): Set set_target_endian if we set the variable
	(md_begin): Only set target_big_endian if !set_target_endian.

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