ELF line numbers

Ian Lance Taylor ian@cygnus.com
Tue Jul 11 09:33:00 GMT 1995

   From: jrs@world.std.com (Rick Sladkey)
   Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 02:36:10 EDT

   When I first tried GNU ld on SunOS 4.1.x, I liked the inclusion of
   file, function and line number in undefined error messages.  I finally
   got tired of seeing `.text+0xXXXX' messages and so I tried to add this
   feature for ELF on Solaris 2.x and Linux.  I implemented a simple
   version which will work even without debugging but omits the line
   number (based on the one in aoutx.h).

Thanks.  I checked this in.

   Then as I was about to embark on the full debug version, I realized
   that using the .stabs section will work for Solaris and Linux but not
   DWARF.  In which file should one implement the stabs version?  It
   seems that elfcode.h is too general and elf32-{i386,sparc}.c are too

Actually, the GNU tools support .stabs debugging for any ELF target.
That is actually the only to implement C++ debugging in ELF right now,
because g++ does not support DWARF.  So, elfcode.h (actually, the
function is now in elf.c) is the right place to handle both stabs and
DWARF debugging information.


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