DT_SYMBOLIC and -Bsymbolic

H.J. Lu hjl@nynexst.com
Mon Jun 19 17:55:00 GMT 1995

> 	Hmm, I was looking at the man page for Solaris - my implementation
> of
> -Bsymbolic does not quite match what they suggest.  I was thinking that this

I think your change to ld is in the right directory. We just need
to make ld issue some warnings for unresolved references when
-Bsymbolic is used. Your change just works as under Solaris when
the messages are turned off.

> would be something that we could implement at runtime through patches to the
> dynamic loader, but my guess is that we need to modify the real linker
> behavior for this to work correctly.

We do need to patch the dynamic linker to support DT_SYMBOLIC.


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