bfd assertion failed with gcc 950607

Roland McGrath
Wed Jun 14 09:51:00 GMT 1995

> > 
> > I am certain that your test case is a valid program and that the references
> > to `fooo' in junk.c should resolve to the common defn in fred.c rather than
> > to `_fooo' in foo.c.
> No. Solaris uses `_fooo' in foo.c. The GNU ld does the samething.
> It just complains about it.

That is contrary to the specification of the SVR4 ABI, page 4-27:
"Similarly, if a common symbol exists (i.e., a symbol whose st_shndx field
holds SHN_COMMON), the appearance of a weak symbol with the same name will
not cause an error.  The link editor honors the common definition and
ignores the weak ones."

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