LD patches: i386-msdos and i386-moss targets

Bryan Ford baford@schirf.cs.utah.edu
Sat Jun 3 07:36:00 GMT 1995

>Please be careful not to confuse the i386-moss work with i386-go32 or
>i386-djgpp work, which is also a dos extender that runs under ms-dos
>and uses binutils, but uses the COFF support instead of ELF.  Anything
>that says "msdos" should be appropriate for ALL ms-dos systems, not
>just the moss system.  If it will only help moss, use the word "moss"
>in the name.

The i386-msdos target is not for any DOS extender at all; it's for
creating plain 16-bit ("unextended") MS-DOS executables.


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