binutils snapshots no longer build gas

Ken Raeburn
Thu Apr 27 12:36:00 GMT 1995

	   The current state implies that GAS does not build or function at all.

It should only imply that we don't currently recommend using it.

   I agree that making GAS the default system assembler may cause some
   problems for users, but not building GAS at all seems to be an incorrect
   solution at the opposite extreme.  At IBM Watson, I have gas from
   binutils-2.5.2 installed as "gas" not "as".  I think the biggest problem
   with the current distribution is that this debugging problem is hidden in
   a FIXME comment instead of in the GAS documentation for the AIX XCOFF
   configuration.  I would let the user/installer decide whether s/he wants
   a partially functional GAS instead of implying that no functionality exists.

Makes sense.  But I still think the default for the relatively
clueless user should be the safer path.  In this case, not using gas.
Perhaps we could change the top-level to include gas if
"--with-gnu-as" is supplied.

	   Also, AIX XAS has a bug not present in GAS which prevents it from
   assembling certain GCC output for the POWER/2 architecture.  XAS incorrectly
   exits with an error when it see certain POWER/2 and POWER instructions
   utilized in the same assembler source file believing that it is an invalid

Hm..  This changes things.  The user's going to lose either way.
Perhaps it's worth re-evaluating whether the gas bug can be fixed.
Mike Meissner is doing powerpc gas work at Cygnus right now; I've
asked him to take a look.

Is there a fixed assembler available from IBM?  It would be worth
mentioning in the gcc documentation whether or not gas would work.
And it would make having gas available less critical.

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