binutils snapshots no longer build gas

Ken Raeburn
Mon Apr 24 18:38:00 GMT 1995

   Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 04:10:10 -0400
   From: "David Edelsohn" <>

	   gas has been added to the list of noconfigdirs in
   for all rs6000 and powerpc architectures.  Has gas support really
   regressed?  And "cvs" is inconsistent between the various entries: I believe
   that it is supported for all AIX configurations.

I think the problem was that gas couldn't handle certain types of
debugging information used in XCOFF format.  Maybe having to do with
inline functions from header files?  Ian knows the details, but he's
on leave.

I don't know why cvs is disabled for powerpc-*-aix* when it's enabled
for rs6000-*-aix*.  But I'll leave that for the cvs maintainers to
deal with.

	   Also, because binutils is not supported, c++filt is not
   built although it does not rely upon the rest of binutils functionality.
   Mike Stump was suppose to address this but it still is broken.

I think Jason has been working on making c++filt independent of
binutils in some form.

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