Only I use gas under x86?

Ken Raeburn
Sat Apr 15 11:41:00 GMT 1995

   there was no ChangeLog entry for the typo.

Actually, there was -- two change log entries for changes to
practically all the tc-*.c or .h files.

   No, I won't provide a diff nor point out the typo. It is a very dumb

Yup, it was.

   I have a feeling that not many people test the x86 gas a lot.

My automated tests for x86 are still broken because (I think) someone
deinstalled bison from some of the Cygnus machines.  And we've only
got two in the California office I can do the automatic testing on,
running sco and unixware.  It's not a happy scene.

Once I get a few "I need a patch last week" customer bug reports out
of the way, I plan to clean up some of the problems reported in the
automatic testing.  And maybe even start catching up in my
bug-gnu-utils backlog. :-(

For the moment, yes, I think you're one of the main x86 testers of the
development code.

Maybe I'll look into some automatic testing in the Massachusetts
office; we've got a Linux box there, but network security issues make
it a little difficult to tie the testing into the snapshot process as
tightly as I'd like.  Tying in my home pc (netbsd) or laptop (linux)
would be at least as difficult.

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