Only I use gas under x86?

Roland McGrath
Sat Apr 15 11:25:00 GMT 1995

I use gas on i386 all the time (target=i386-gnuelf in fact, which is
identical to i386-linux for gas).  I use the current sources, though I
don't recompile every day.  Whenever there has been a problem it has been
taken care of pretty quickly.  We cannot expect the maintainers to test
every single change on every platform; we are using development code,
certainly it would be tested on i386 before released.

However, it is a serious problem if people are making changes without
proper ChangeLog entries.  That really makes life difficult.  The rest of
us do not have access to the RCS logs to fill in the gaps in the ChangeLog
files; those files really need to be complete.  They are the first place
anyone looks to see what changed when something broke, and why.

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