How to fix the ELF linker?

H.J. Lu
Fri Mar 17 06:31:00 GMT 1995

> Linking in a shared library really always loads the whole library.
> So if anything subsequently linked refers to any symbols from the
> shared library, it ought to be resolved with the copy of the library
> that was already linked.
> So linking the same shared library a second time might as well be
> a no-op.

The ld in gas-950313 will load the same shared library twice. Has
anyone worked on it? If noone does, I may take a shot at it. I
don't know if my fix will be correct or not since I am not that
familiar with ld and bfd. BTW, I have some simple code which checks
if a shared library is already loaded or not. But I don't know how
to skip the second one. It seems to need changes in many places.

H.J. Lu
NYNEX Science and Technology, Inc.

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