Binutils-2.5.2 on SGI-irix4

David S. Miller
Sat Mar 4 15:05:00 GMT 1995

A local friend provided this bug report for me.  I hope you find it
useful in some way.

Date: Sat, 4 Mar 1995 17:57:09 -0500
From: Adrian Rodriguez <>

You may want to pass this on to your friends at Cygnus.

Software:    Binutils 2.5.2
Host:        SGI Indigo
OS:          Irix 4.0.5F
Bug:         configure forces use of cc
   It appears that there is no way to use gcc to build binutils short of
   changing the definition of CC in binutils-2.5.2/config/mh-irix4.  The
   configure script provided ignores the environment variable CC and the
   command line options --with-gcc and --with-gnu-c.  Binutils will not
   build with the version of SGI's C compiler on this machine.  I want to
   do this because SGI's compiler barfs on targ-cpu.c with errors I can
   provide if you are interested.

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