The new x86 gas in binutils.

H.J. Lu
Mon Feb 27 22:20:00 GMT 1995


I have been trying to compile the new binutils snapshot under Linux
for a while now. I am usung gas-950222. I have found the following

1. Some 16 bit supports were added to the binutils. Some assembly
   codes in the Linux C library had to be modified to assembler.
   One example is I had to change "popfl" to just "popf". There
   may be more in the Linux kernel code. I am not sure if that is
   a feature or a bug :-(.
2. The new binutils are very unstable for ELF with PIC. I couldn't
   use gas/ld in gas-950222 to make a shared Linux C library in
   ELF. I had to go back to my private version,

I am afraid the current new binutils are not usable for Linux and
once when they get fixed some asm code in the Linux kernel may
have to be modified.

H.J. Lu
NYNEX Science and Technology, Inc.

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