gas - MIPS/ELF/DWARF probs

Ian Lance Taylor
Tue Feb 14 14:44:00 GMT 1995

   Date: Tue, 14 Feb 95 14:30:59 -0800
   From: gary@Intrepid.COM (Gary Funck)

   However, the file config/obj-elf.c
   "overrides" tc-mips.c's handling of operations such as ".previous",

This is the wrong way around.  Actually, the pseudo-ops defined in
tc-mips.c are used, provided they are defined.  You should be able to
fix this problem by defining the relevant pseudo-ops in tc-mips.c, if
OBJ_ELF is defined, to do the tc-mips local processing and then call
the obj-elf.c routine.

   For now, we just removed the check in mips_align(), which forces
   alignment on the prior label.  

As you know, this is not really an acceptable solution.  Existing MIPS
assembler code relies on this working.

   To work around these problems, we made following patches to tc-mips.c:

These patches are not really usable as is, because they don't include
any context.  I don't know how you generated them, but please always
generate patches using diff -c.


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