new changes in gprof, bfd, gas

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Feb 7 15:24:00 GMT 1995

  In message < > you write:
  > Some of these might be of interest to people:
  > >From David Mosberger-Tang, revised gprof support.  Now alpha-osf
  > configurations are supported, and line-level profiling is available.
  > The latter requires bfd_find_nearest_line; currently at least ELF and
  > SOM are missing this support, and the SOM code aborts when it is
  > called.  Lots of other changes too; see gprof/NOTES for details.
I notice some problems with the new code:

core_init looks for sections by name.  That is *very* bad for
formats such as SOM & ELF.

The specific problem I see is it looks for $CODE$; well, in
SOM there may be hundreds of $CODE$ sections in a file, and
even if you get all of them you're still going to miss
other sections with code in them like $MILLICODE$.

[ Of course the old code had the same behavior in that it just
  looked for .text; but we never made use of the info for
  SOM/HPUX.  From my quick reading the new code actually wants
  to use information it gathers about sections & their contents. ]

Can someone run this mess through indent?  GNU has formatting
standards, we might as well try to adhere to them.


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