new changes in gprof, bfd, gas

Jeffrey A Law
Tue Feb 7 15:10:00 GMT 1995

  In message < > you write:
  > configurations are supported, and line-level profiling is available.
  > The latter requires bfd_find_nearest_line; currently at least ELF and
  > SOM are missing this support, and the SOM code aborts when it is
  > called.
Right.  find_nearest_line may never be supported for SOM; the
idea of duplicating a goodly portion of dbxread/stabsread AND
hpread from GDB is revolting.

I can certainly change the SOM backend not to abort, but it's
not going to give any meaningful results though (I certainly
hope there's an option to give the traditional gprof results
without using find_nearest_line).


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