new changes in gprof, bfd, gas
Tue Feb 7 14:43:00 GMT 1995

Some of these might be of interest to people:

>From David Mosberger-Tang, revised gprof support.  Now alpha-osf
configurations are supported, and line-level profiling is available.
The latter requires bfd_find_nearest_line; currently at least ELF and
SOM are missing this support, and the SOM code aborts when it is
called.  Lots of other changes too; see gprof/NOTES for details.
Texinfo documentation should be forthcoming.

>From Bryan Ford, some 16-bit assembly and msdos .exe executable file
support for the i386.  Bryan says he's managed to build a working
memory extender for DOS using this code.  And he even gave me
documentation changes.  Currently the .exe support uses a.out for
object files.

Both these changes should be in tonight's snapshot.

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