16-bit i386 code support

Bryan Ford baford@schirf.cs.utah.edu
Mon Jan 23 11:14:00 GMT 1995

Hi - what's the current gas status w.r.t. my 16-bit i386 support patches?
I finally sent off the copyright release (sorry it took so long);
the FSF should have received it by now.

Also, I have a few "final" bug fixes to send you - in fact, one of the
bugs affected 32-bit code as well as 16-bit (segment register prefixes
didn't work with the mov ax<->disp32 instruction).  As of today
I have a complete DOS extender working here, with raw, XMS, VCPI, and
DPMI support, built completely with the GNU tools and mostly written in C -
a fairly exhaustive test of the 16-bit support I think. :-)

Anyway, would you like another incremental patch based on the last
set of patches I sent you, or just an all-in-one patch based on
vanilla binutils-2.5.2?


Bryan Ford	baford@cs.utah.edu	University of Utah, CSS
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