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Fri Oct 19 17:33:00 GMT 2007

CVSROOT:	/cvs/frysk
Module name:	frysk-utrace
Changes by:	2007-10-19 17:33:00

Added files:
	utracer/utracer/docs: Makefile utracer.sgml utracer_attach.sgml 
	                      utracer_attach_body.sgml utracer_open.sgml 

Log message:
	* utracer.sgml: New file: a DocBook SGML book wrapper for the
	various refentry SGML files used to create man pages.
	* utracer_attach_body.sgml:
	* utracer_open_body.sgml:
	* utracer_set_syscall_body.sgml:
	* utracer_unregister_body.sgml: New files containing the refentry
	SGML for the various functions.  (Well, the ones I've written so
	far--there are maybe a dozen left to go.)
	* utracer_attach.sgml:
	* utracer_open.sgml:
	* utracer_set_syscall.sgml:
	* utracer_unregister.sgml: New files containing individual
	wrappers for the refentries.
	* Makeflle: New file to build the individual manpages (*.2), a
	pretty utracer.pdf, and a not so pretty utracer.txt.  The latter
	two are, at the moment, basically a compendium of the man pages,
	but I'll som more useful narrative as time permits.


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