frysk-utrace/utracer ChangeLog udb-response.c ...
Thu Oct 11 17:35:00 GMT 2007

CVSROOT:	/cvs/frysk
Module name:	frysk-utrace
Changes by:	2007-10-11 17:35:53

Modified files:
	utracer        : ChangeLog udb-response.c udb.c 
	utracer/judb   : Makefile 
	utracer/judb/cni: Utrace.cxx 
	utracer/utracer: ChangeLog 
	utracer/utracer/include: utracer.h 
	utracer/utracer/module: utracer-base.c utracer-cf-io.c 
	                        utracer-if-io.c utracer-ioctl.c 
	utracer/utracer/utracer: utracer.c 

Log message:
	* udb-response.c: Added LKM-initiated shutdown.
	* udb.c: Replaced pthread_cancel shutdown of the listener thread
	with synchronised shutdown via LKM-initiated shutdown.
	* module/utracer-base.c: Replaced direct manipulation of
	de_utrace_control->proc_fops with manipulation a copy
	thereof--reflects a change in the 2.6.22 kernel.


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