frysk-imports/libunwind include/libunwind-ppc3 ...
Thu Oct 11 11:46:00 GMT 2007

CVSROOT:	/cvs/frysk
Module name:	frysk-imports
Changes by:	2007-10-11 11:46:45

Removed files:
	libunwind/include: libunwind-ppc32.h 
	libunwind/include/tdep-ppc32: dwarf-config.h jmpbuf.h 
	libunwind/src/ppc: Gcreate_addr_space.c Gget_proc_info.c 
	                   Gget_save_loc.c Ginit_local.c Ginit_remote.c 
	                   Gis_signal_frame.c Lcreate_addr_space.c 
	                   Lget_proc_info.c Lget_save_loc.c 
	                   Linit_local.c Linit_remote.c 
	                   Lis_signal_frame.c longjmp.S siglongjmp.S 
	libunwind/src/ppc32: Gglobal.c Ginit.c Gregs.c Gresume.c Gstep.c 
	                     Lglobal.c Linit.c Lregs.c Lresume.c Lstep.c 
	            get_func_addr.c init.h 
	                     is_fpreg.c regname.c setcontext.S 
	                     ucontext_i.h unwind_i.h 

Log message:
	Remove new libunwind files imported to vendor branch from head.


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