elfutils 0.188 released

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Wed Nov 2 14:55:27 GMT 2022

ELFUTILS 0.188 - http://elfutils.org/

A new release of elfutils is available at:
or https://sourceware.org/elfutils/ftp/0.188/

Visit us on the Libera.Chat irc channel #elfutils

* NEWS *

readelf: Add -D, --use-dynamic option.

debuginfod-client: Add $DEBUGINFOD_HEADERS_FILE setting to supply
                   HTTP headers. Add new function

debuginfod: Add --disable-source-scan option.

libdwfl: Add new function dwfl_get_debuginfod_client.
         Add new function dwfl_frame_reg.
         Add new function dwfl_report_offline_memory.


Aaron Merey (6):
  debuginfod: Use auto-sized connection pool when -C is not given
    with arg
  debuginfod-client: Ensure only negative error codes returned.
  debuginfod: Support queries for ELF/DWARF sections
  debuginfod-client: Fix out-of-bounds write
  run-debuginfod-section.sh: Avoid zstd-compressed rpms
  Changelog: Update entries from previous commits.

Aleksei Vetrov (1):
  libdwfl: add dwfl_report_offline_memory

Andreas Schwab (4):
  libelf: Sync elf.h from glibc
  backends: Handle new RISC-V specific definitions
  elflint: Allow zero p_memsz for PT_RISCV_ATTRIBUTES

Arsen Arsenović (1):
  readelf: add binutils-style --syms option

Daniel Thornburgh (1):
  debuginfod-client: Add DEBUGINFOD_HEADERS_FILE.

Di Chen (2):
  libdwfl: Add new function dwfl_frame_reg
  readelf: Support --dynamic with --use-dynamic

Frank Ch. Eigler (9):
  PR29117: fix fd leak in debuginfod client for cache-miss files
  debuginfod.8: Tweak wording of fdcache operation & parameters.
  NEWS & ChangeLog: add debuginfod blurbs
  doc/debuginfod.8: tiny obvious typo fix
  PR29474: debuginfod
  config/debuginfod.sysconfig: Clarify & classify the variables
  PR28284: add tweaks on previous debuginfod x-debuginfod* header
    forwarding work
  PR28284 cont'd, ->winning_headers reset at start of new query
  debuginfod: report libmicrohttpd version on startup

Josef Cejka (2):
  debuginfod: create indexes to speed up grooming
  debuginfod: optimize regular expressions in groom()

Khem Raj (1):
  tests: Add libeu to tests needing error() API

Mark Wielaard (31):
  configure: Don't use valgrind and sanitize-undefined for make
  config: Move the 2>/dev/null inside the sh -c '' quotes for
  debuginfod: Try without MHD_USE_DUAL_STACK if MHD_start_daemon fails
  debuginfod: Use MHD_USE_EPOLL for libmicrohttpd version 0.9.51 or
  elfcompress: Add sanity checks to make sure to not override variable
  debuginfod: Check result of curl_easy_getinfo in
  debuginfod: Check all curl_easy_setopt calls
  libdw: Add sanity check to store_implicit_value
  strip: Add more NULL check
  debuginfod: Always request servname from getnameinfo for conninfo.
  debuginfod: Make sure debuginfod_config_cache always returns valid
  debuginfod: Remove debuginfod_init_cache
  debuginfod: update mtime of interval_path as early as possible
  libdwfl: Update docs and nonnull attributes for dwfl_module_addrinfo
  tests: Disable run-debuginfod-federation-metrics.sh for old
  Move dwfl_get_debuginfod_client to ELFUTILS_0.188
  libdwfl: Rewrite reading of ar_size in elf_begin_rand
  readelf: memrchr searches backwards but takes the start buf as
  tests: Add initial scan wait_ready in
  po: standardize Project-Id-Version to just elfutils
  lib: Add documentation to explain concurrent htab resizing.
  libelf: Correctly decode ar_mode as octal string
  ar: Correct -N COUNT off-by-one
  tests: Check lseek, read and malloc results with correct types in
  tests: include config.h first.
  readelf: Handle DW_LLE_GNU_view_pair
  config: Add BuildRequires socat for run-debuginfod-response
  Use grep -E instead of egrep, use grep -F instead of fgrep.
  configure.ac: Update AC_PROG_CC and AC_PROG_LEX for autoconf 2.70
  libelf: Sync elf.h from glibc
  Prepare for 0.188

Martin Liska (6):
  Support nullglob in profile.*.in files
  debuginfod: print filename for "cannot open archive" error
  debuginfod: fix http_requests_total{type="debuginfo"} when dwz is
  Add new debuginfod.sysconfig value DEBUGINFOD_EXTRA_ARGS
  Add missing changelog entries.
  add debuginfod_get_headers if DUMMY_LIBDEBUGINFOD is used

Michael Trapp (1):
  debuginfod: add --disable-source-scan option

Milian Wolff (1):
  Introduce public dwfl_get_debuginfod_client API

Noah Sanci (5):
  PR29098: debuginfod - set default prefetch cache size to >0
  PR28577: run-debuginfod-fd-prefetch-caches.sh now tests something
    run-debuginfod-fd-prefetch-caches.sh now tests the maximum fd
    and mb values of prefetch and fd (least recently used) caches.
  Added debuginfod.service.8 manual page.
  PR28577: Make run-debuginfod-fd-prefetch-caches.sh test something
  PR28284 - Debuginfod header functionality implemented

Sergei Trofimovich via Elfutils-devel (1):
  tests: run-low_high_pc.sh: drop redundant 'lx' suffix

Shahab Vahedi (1):
  dwfl_get_debuginfod_client: add dummy parameter for

Ulrich Drepper (2):
  Arm Ehdr flag printing
  Fill in fde_augmentation_data_size in dwarf_next_cfi

Yonggang Luo (8):
  move platform depended include into system.h of libelf
  Move the #include <libintl.h> into eu-config.h
  Strip __ prefix from __BYTE_ORDER __LITTLE_ENDIAN and __BIG_ENDIAN
  libebl: Don't #include <dlfcn.h> in eblclosebackend.c and
  libelf/libdwfl: Remove LIB_SYSTEM_H define in lib{elf,dwfl}_crc32.c
  libdw: Use #include <system.h> instead of <endian.h> in memory
  lib{asm,cpu,dw,dwfl,dwelf}: Move platform depended include into
  Rename 'hello{2,3}.spec.' -> 'hello{2,3}.specfile'

河辺 岳人 (1):
  Retrive 64bit timestamp from curl_easy_getinfo on _TIME_BITS=64
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