[Bug debuginfod/28708] run-debuginfod-webapi-concurrency.sh seems to be flaky

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Sun Dec 19 22:06:06 GMT 2021


--- Comment #7 from Evgeny Vereshchagin <evvers at ya dot ru> ---
> Note that packit doesn't use real hardware for various architectures but
> "container emulation" which causes various testcases to fail.

I think I ran into issues like that in
https://github.com/evverx/elfutils/issues/32 and
https://github.com/evverx/elfutils/issues/31. I ignore them for the most part.
Though it would be great if they could be skipped there. Some of them seem to
be easy to skip because they seem to trigger seccomp filters of some kind but
I'm not sure about the rest.

> Although in this case it seems it is overloading the host. Maybe we can tune
> down the number of concurrent request tested, see also:
> https://sourceware.org/pipermail/elfutils-devel/2021q4/thread.html#4488
> If you have a better lower/upper bound or a way to test the limits of the
> machine.

Thanks for the link. I'll take a look.

> We do have somewhat better buildbot workers for various architectures here:
> https://builder.wildebeest.org/buildbot/#/builders?tags=elfutils

As far as I understand the tests are run there on commits to the elfutils
repository but I'm not sure how to test "PRs" there. If it was possible to use
it before commits are merged into the master branch I wouldn't have started
using Packit on GitHub probably.

> Is there some way of finding out the host's actual limits?  Can we detect that
> we're running in an unusually constricted environment and skip this test
> ulimit -u?

I think I can run almost anything there but since I'm not familiar with the
test I'm not sure what I should look for.

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