patch rfc: PR28661: debuginfod thread-pool

Frank Ch. Eigler
Thu Dec 9 16:54:36 GMT 2021

Hi -

> [...]
> If you can use ulimit -u or ulimit -T in the script then
> please use that, but that probably requires launching sub-shells and
> you quickly end up in shell-hell.

A problem I found with that is that ulimit -u appears to be systemwide
in the sense that a new process/thread will be prevented if the total
systemwide processes of that user exceed this number.  It's not just
for accounting that particular processes' own children.  (ulimit -T
doesn't work on my f35 machine with bash or zsh or csh.)

> So I would recommend to simply add a testcase that just uses no-option, 
> -C and -C 256 (or take any arbitrary number, 1 might be an interesting
> corner case) and see that if you have 4 (8, 16, ...?) debuginfod-find
> (or curl metric) processes doing some parallel queries works as
> expected.

Yeah, I can/will do that.  Well, for any of these -C settings, even
thousands of concurrently issued curl jobs should succeed, just not
quite as quickly.

- FChE

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