[Bug general/28608] elflint elfstrmerge fails with ld.gold

mark at klomp dot org sourceware-bugzilla@sourceware.org
Sun Nov 21 16:45:02 GMT 2021


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--- Comment #1 from Mark Wielaard <mark at klomp dot org> ---
That looks like a bug in ld.gold.

tests/elfstrmerge is a simple ET_EXEC file.
When SHF_MERGE is set, then sh_entsize should be set to the size of the
elements that should be merged (unless SHF_STRING is also set).

For me .rodata doesn't have the SHF_MERGE flag set:
[15] .rodata              PROGBITS     0000000000002d68 00002d68 00000837  0 A 
    0   0  8

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