eu-strip supported cpu architecture?

Thu Nov 18 01:08:05 GMT 2021

I find that rpmbuild use eu-strip to get debuginfo of binaries when generating debuginfo package.Even when cross compiling,eu-strip seems to strip out the correct debuginfo.Can eu-strip installed on x86_64 process arm64,mips64 binaries directly?I know the strip in binutils can only process binaries of its own arch. Does elfutils is extended to support many arch at the same time?  Your website says"Included backends for machine specific ELF handling:
aarch64 alpha arm bpf csky i386 ia64 m68k ppc ppc64 riscv riscv64 s390 s390x sh sparc sparc64 tilegx x32 x86_64
"So mips64 is not included? But I test mips64 binaries can be eu-strip without warning.
Can I trust eu-strip process mips64 binaries when cross compiling?


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