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--- Comment #2 from Mark Wielaard <mark at klomp dot org> ---
A suggested C api was discussed here:
(see also the whole thread in the previous quarter)

/* Get info about an debuginfod artifact. Used to know whether
   the target is already in local cache or whether it can be retrieved
   from one if the urls contained in $DEBUGINFOD_URLS.

   If build_id_len == 0, the build_id is supplied as a lowercase
   hexadecimal string; otherwise it is a binary blob of given length.

   If the requested resource is in cache, return a file descriptor
   which an be used as is. If the requested resource can be found
   through one of the DEBUGINFOD_URLS then -1 is returned and
   file_size and transfer_size are set to the number of bytes of
   the target file and the number if bytes that need to be transferred
   from the server (file_size is the uncompressed size, transfer_size
   might be the compressed size). Otherwise return -2 to indicate the
   requested artifact cannot be found.

   If the file wasn't in cache, but can be retrieved from a remote
   server, then debuginfod_get_url () will return where the target
   can be found. A successive debuginfod_find_* call will retieve
   the resource (unless a network error occurs).  */

int debuginfod_info_debuginfo (debuginfod_client *client,
                               const unsigned char *build_id,
                               int build_id_len,
                               size_t *size, size_t *transfer_size);

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