dwarf_aggregate_size doesn't work with arrays in partial CUs

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Wed Nov 10 13:40:47 GMT 2021

Hi KJ,

On Sun, 2021-10-03 at 16:05 +1100, KJ Tsanaktsidis via Elfutils-devel
> I guess we don't want to hide some really expensive traversal
> operation inside a simple call to dwarf_aggregate_size, no...
> What if we instead provide a way for the user to specify what
> language
> a CU is? Like "dwarf_cu_report_language(Dwarf_Die *cu, int lang)".
> That would get saved with the (partial) CU, and dwarf_srclang could
> retrieve this information (if DW_AT_language isn't set). Then, the
> user could recursively traverse all CUs and call
> dwarf_cu_report_language on each partial CU. And as a bonus, we could
> even wrap that up in dwarf_cu_traverse_partial_cu_set_language or
> something (OK, the name needs a bit of workshopping).
> That way, the expensive thing is in a separate call that's marked as
> being very expensive (and cached, so it only needs to be done once).
> Sound like a reasonable approach?

Sorry for forgetting about this discussion. I do think the above makes
sense. I opened a bug to track this:



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