patchworks and sourcehut for elfutils

Mark Wielaard
Wed Oct 6 19:43:36 GMT 2021


On Wed, Oct 06, 2021 at 06:25:04PM +0200, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> To make patch tracking slighly easier there is now a patchwork instance
> on sourceware that should show the status of all outstanding patches
> sent to the mailinglist:
> It is a bit experimental and doesn't really come with documentation
> yet.

Although you can work through the website, there is git integration
through git-pw which allows to interact with the patchwork server
through the command line.

To setup git-pw you need to register on the website first:

Then login and generate an "api token" under user authentication:

To configure git pw in your local elfutils.git checkout:

  git config pw.server
  git config pw.token super-secret-hex-token-string
  git config pw.project elfutils

Or add this to you .git/config:

	server =
	token = super-secret-hex-token-string
	project = elfutils

Now you can easily inspect and interact with the patch queue:

$ git pw patch list # list all pending patches
$ git pw patch show 45831 # to show more info on a particular patch

And then either git pw download ID or git pw apply ID and/or git pw
update to work with the actual patch.

More documentation at



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