patchworks and sourcehut for elfutils

Mark Wielaard
Wed Oct 6 16:25:04 GMT 2021


To make patch tracking slighly easier there is now a patchwork instance
on sourceware that should show the status of all outstanding patches
sent to the mailinglist:
It is a bit experimental and doesn't really come with documentation

Also there is a mirror of the elfutils repo (and other sourceware git
repos) on sourcehut:

If you have a sourcehut account then you can easily fork the project
source repos (the main one and the website one):

You can then clone your fork locally and create any branches and
commits like you normally would. After pushing your changes back to
sourcehut you can tell sourcehut to sent to patches to the mailinglist
by using the "Prepare a patchset" button to submit patches to the
project. sourcehut can generate the appropriate git send-email commands
and/or sent the patches for you.



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