[Bug debuginfod/28034] debuginfod server: preserve + etc. elements in incoming webapi url

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Wed Aug 25 12:33:11 GMT 2021


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commit 9ab0c139eebf4ba40ac721224a673e4b66d29cd9
Author: Noah Sanci <nsanci@redhat.com>
Date:   Fri Jul 16 15:16:20 2021 -0400

    debuginfod: PR28034 - client-side %-escape url characters

    When requesting some source files, some URL-inconvenient chars
    sometimes pop up.  Example from f33 libstdc++:
    As this URL is passed into debuginfod's handler_cb, it appears that the
    + signs are helpfully unescaped to spaces by libmicrohttpd, which
    'course breaks everything.
    In order to ensure the server properly parses urls such as this one,
    %-escape characters on the client side so that the correct url
    is preserved and properly processed on the server side.


    Signed-off-by: Noah Sanci <nsanci@redhat.com>

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