Using dwarf_getfuncs to get function from object stored in memory

Jeff Lin
Tue Aug 24 06:48:30 GMT 2021

Hi Mark,

I tracked down the issue to the copy in memory was actually different.  
However, because dwarf_begin_elf was still providing the offset to the top cus, I did not suspect that was the issue.
Dwarf_getfuncs did return -1, but I did not look at dwarf_errmsg.  
After I ensured the copy in memory is an exact copy, everything worked.


On 8/23/21, 2:01 PM, "Mark Wielaard" <> wrote:

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    Hi Jeff,

    On Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 03:40:08AM +0000, Jeff Lin via Elfutils-devel wrote:
    > I’ve written code to extract function from a shared object with
    > dwarf_begin api that finds the dwarf objects with the file
    > descriptor using dwarf_getfuncs.  However, when I tried to parse the
    > same object that is loaded into memory first, dwarf_getfuncs is not
    > able to get the function.  In the case of accessing the object that
    > is in memory, I used the following line to get the dwarf object:
    >   Elf *ehandle = elf_memory(const_cast<char *>(so_file), size);
    >   Dwarf *dw = dwarf_begin_elf(ehandle, DWARF_C_READ, NULL);
    > I am able to get the offset and tag with dwarf_nextcu, but errors
    > out with dwarf_getfuncs.  Does anyone know why dwarf_getfuncs does
    > return properly when trying to process dwarf object that was store
    > in memory?

    If the ELF in memory is the same as the ELF on disk I don't know why
    dwarf_getfuncs would work differently. Does the callback get called?
    Does dwarf_getfuncs return -1? What does dwarf_errmsg say?



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