[PATCH] debuginfod-doc: PR27950 - Remove redanduncies in man page.

Frank Ch. Eigler fche@redhat.com
Fri Jul 30 12:47:42 GMT 2021

Hi -

> aha, ok, I understand now. This makes testing in-tree a bit more
> difficult. So the .so ./debuginfod-client-config.7 does work if you got
> into the doc/ subdirectory, then man ./debuginfod-find.1 does show the
> included chunks. But for the installed tree it should be .so man7
> debuginfod-client-config.7 ?

It'd probably be ".so ../man7/debuginfod-client-config.7" or something.

> > If we look at man1/builtins.1 and man1/bash.1, they show a bit of this
> > pattern.  And actually bash.1 has some conditional inclusion tricks to
> > let the bash.1 page be includable as well as standalone.  That same
> > trick could be done within the new debuginfod-client-config.7 file.
> > See the refs to ".ig zZ" and ".zZ", ".nr zZ 1" in the file that
> > contains the .so directive.
> That is interesting, then we could make debuginfod-client-config.7 into
> a real man page and include only the actual contents. I am not
> completely sure I understand how this works though. I hope there is
> some man/troff documentation that explains this trick?

Documentation?  Nah, let's reverse-engineer:

NROFF                           CPP


.nr zZ 1                        #define zZ 1
.so bash.1                      #include <bash.1>


.if \n(zZ=1 .ig zZ              #ifndef zZ
  [...]                            [...]
.zZ                             #else
  [...]                            [...]

- FChE

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