[PATCH] debuginfod-doc: PR27950 - Remove redanduncies in man page.

Frank Ch. Eigler fche@redhat.com
Thu Jul 29 14:36:22 GMT 2021

Hi -

> Is debuginfod-client-config.7 intended to be installed? If so it should
> be added to notrans_dist_man7_MANS in doc/Makefile.am, [...]


> If it isn't intended to be installed, maybe give it a different suffix
> so it isn't confused to be a standalone man page?
> > +.so ./debuginfod-client-config.7
> So this is intended to include the fragment into the man page?
> That also doesn't seem to work for me. How/when does it do the
> lookup/inclusion?

man/nroff executes the .so directive during rendering, i.e., searches
for content in the installed $MANPATH at run time.  It is used on
other fedora man pages e.g. for command aliases.

If we look at man1/builtins.1 and man1/bash.1, they show a bit of this
pattern.  And actually bash.1 has some conditional inclusion tricks to
let the bash.1 page be includable as well as standalone.  That same
trick could be done within the new debuginfod-client-config.7 file.
See the refs to ".ig zZ" and ".zZ", ".nr zZ 1" in the file that
contains the .so directive.

- FChE

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