patch rfc - valgrind vs. debuginfod

Mark Wielaard
Fri Jul 2 16:24:05 GMT 2021

Hi Frank,

On irc we discussed some issues with trying to disable debuginfod
client for valgrind while actually using it in the to be tested
executable. The main issue is that valgrind and the test executable are
actually one and the same. So disabling or enabling DEBUGINFOD_URLS for
one also disables or enables it for the other.

So maybe it is just simpler to disable testing under valgrind for those
tests that are testing the debuginfod client cache dir directly.

That is what the attached patch does. It is pity to not have valgrind
run over all the tests, but it is the simplest I could come up with.
And this has given us more headaches than we deserve in the first

What do you think?


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