[PATCH 1/1] support cross compilation

Petr Ovtchenkov ptr@void-ptr.info
Wed May 26 13:58:50 GMT 2021

On Wed, 26 May 2021 10:09:31 -0300
Érico Nogueira <ericonr@disroot.org> wrote:

> Hi! Are you sure this is necessary? In Void Linux, we cross compile
> elfutils for arm and aarch64 without any issue, and I have built it a
> few times for powerpc as well.


Yes, I am sure. I do not know about you process (check, that you really
cross, not run via qemu or like). Build process _run_ i386_gendis to
generate headers:

noinst_HEADERS += memory-access.h i386_parse.h i386_data.h

noinst_PROGRAMS = i386_gendis$(EXEEXT)

$(srcdir)/%_dis.h: %_defs i386_gendis$(EXEEXT)
        $(AM_V_GEN)./i386_gendis$(EXEEXT) $< > $@T    <================
        $(AM_V_at)mv -f $@T $@


        @echo '*** missing $@; configure with --enable-maintainer-mode'


> > +if CROSS
> > +i386_gendis_LINK = ${CC_FOR_BUILD} ${LDFLAGS} -o $@
> > +
> > +$(i386_gendis_OBJECTS): CC=${CC_FOR_BUILD}
> > +endif  
> Isn't this hardcoding an assumption that the build machine is x86?

I think no. But this question is for original author:

  commit 3cbdd387c752999255aea91600b5cfdefbeac7d0
  Author: Ulrich Drepper <drepper@redhat.com>
  Date:   Wed Jan 2 17:44:39 2008 +0000

      propagate from branch 'com.redhat.elfutils.disasm' (head
      d15b4eb794e81e477f9896fe82a74cb5ecf4514c) to branch
      'com.redhat.elfutils' (head


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