elfutils 0.185 released

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Sat May 22 19:47:20 GMT 2021

ELFUTILS 0.185 - http://elfutils.org/

A new release of elfutils is available at:
or https://sourceware.org/elfutils/ftp/0.185/

This is a fixup release for two small regression bugs introduced in
0.184.  eu-elfcompress would return a non-zero exit code if no
(de)compression needed to be done.  Reusing a debuginfod handle would
not retry downloads that produced an error earlier.  Both those issues
have been fixed in 0.185

Visit us on the Libera.Chat irc channel #elfutils

* NEWS *

debuginfod-client: Simplify curl handle reuse so downloads which
                   return an error are retried.

elfcompress: Always exit with code 0 when the operation succeeds (even
             when nothing was done). On error the exit code is now always 1.


Dmitry V. Levin (3):
   elfcompress: fix exit status regression in case of "Nothing to do"
   elfcompress: remove redundant assignment
   elfcompress: fix exit status in case of an error

Frank Ch. Eigler (2):
   elfutils.spec: Add procps as a %check BuildRequires:.
   PR27859: correct 404-latch bug in debuginfod client reuse

Mark Wielaard (1):
   Prepare for 0.185

Martin Liska (1):
   Come up with startswith function.
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