PR27859 PATCH: correct 404-latch in connection reuse

Mark Wielaard
Mon May 17 10:08:25 GMT 2021

On Sun, 2021-05-16 at 17:50 -0400, Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
> Hi -
> > > (I'll deploy this fix to one of the public servers to confirm it
> > > there.)
> > 
> > Thanks. If that looks good, please commit.
> It does, will do.  I'd like to respin rawhide with that patch too.

Thanks. Maybe we should just do a 0.185 release soon. There is this
issue and the exit code regression for eu-elfcompress when nothing was
done. For both we probably would tell distros to please backport the
fixes. So maybe just help everybody to get a fresh good release?



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