elfutils 0.184 released

Mark Wielaard mark@klomp.org
Mon May 10 16:29:23 GMT 2021

ELFUTILS 0.184 - http://elfutils.org/

A new release of elfutils is available at:
or https://sourceware.org/elfutils/ftp/0.184/

* NEWS *

debuginfod: Use libarchive's bsdtar as the .deb-family file unpacker.

debuginfod-client: Client caches negative results. If a query for a
                   file failed with 404, an empty 000 permission
                   file is created in the cache. This will prevent
                   requesting the same file for the next 10 minutes.

                   Client objects now carry long-lived curl handles
                   for outgoing connections.  This makes it more
                   efficient for multiple sequential queries, because
                   the TCP connections and/or TLS state info are kept
                   around awhile, avoiding O(100ms) setup latencies.

libdw: handle DW_FORM_indirect when reading attributes

translations: Update Polish translation.


Alexander Miller via Elfutils-devel (1):
   tests: Quote make variables in TESTS_ENVIRONMENT

Alice Zhang via Elfutils-devel (1):
   debuginfod: debuginfod client should cache negative results.

Dmitry V. Levin (1):
   po: update XGETTEXT_OPTIONS

Frank Ch. Eigler (12):
   PR27413: use bsdtar to unpack deb-related formats
   testsuite: run-debuginfod-find.sh: Be more verbose on failure
   NEWS: add a debuginfod blurb re. bsdtar
   testsuite: run-debuginfod-find.sh: Fix grooming test indeterminacy
   debuginfod: filter webapi for bad keywords early
   debuginfod: Set child thread names via pthread_setname_np()
   doc/debuginfod.8: fix wrong parameter name for .deb files in description
   debuginfod: Recognize .debug_*-less symtab-laden files as debuginfo
   debuginfod: only update database stats once per groom
   PR27701: debuginfod client: encourage reused debuginfod_client objects
   PR26125: debuginfod client cache - rmdir harder
   PR27571: debuginfod client cache - file permissions

Mark Wielaard (9):
   elfutils.spec.in: Escape %%check in comment.
   readelf, libdw: blocks aren't expressions for DWARF version 4
   readelf: Type DIE offset is from start of CU.
   readelf: Sanity check verneed and verdef offsets in handle_symtab.
   ar: Always close newfd in do_oper_insert.
   unstrip: Fix small leak in handle_output_dir_module.
   nm: Fix file descriptor leak on dwfl_begin failure.
   libdw: Document and handle DW_FORM_indirect in __libdw_form_val_compute_len
   Prepare for 0.184

Omar Sandoval (1):
   libdw: handle DW_FORM_indirect when reading attributes

Piotr Drąg (2):
   Update POTFILES.in
   Update Polish translation

Timm Bäder (18):
   elflint: Pull pos() info file scope
   elflint: Pull left() in file scope
   unstrip: Pull adjust_reloc() into file scope
   unstrip: Pull check_match() into file scope
   unstrip: Inline find_unalloc_section() into only caller
   unstrip: Pull warn() into file scope
   unstrip: Remove nested next() function
   elfcompress: Pull set_section() into file scope
   elfcompress: Pull get_section() into file scope
   elfcompress: Pull get_sections() into file scope
   tests: Pull newsecndx() info file scope for elfstrmerge
   tests: Pull new_data_buf() into file scope for elfstrmerge.
   build: Check for -Wimplicit-fallthrough=5 separately
   elfcompress: Replace cleanup() with label
   debuginfod-client: Fix typo in curl feature detection
   build: Check for -Wtrampolines support
   build: Check for -Wno-packed-not-aligned support
   debuginfod-client: Don't compare a double to a long

Érico Rolim (1):
   tests/run-debuginfod-find.sh: skip test if cpio isn't available.
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