PATCH: PR27784 debuginfod: notify interactive clients one time about usage

Frank Ch. Eigler
Mon May 3 13:23:05 GMT 2021

Hi -

> I cannot say I am a fan of the library being the one to do this check,
> especially not with the sleep (3) in it. 

It's a clumsy compromise, yes, but it is a one-time thing that only
humans should see, and only once.

> It also is not really accurate, it only shows the debuginfod server
> URLs the first time they are set, not when they are changed. [...]

Would you find it more palatable if it were to compare previous and
current $DEBUGINFOD_URLS (say, written into that notify_p file)?

> If there is such a "notification" then it should be from the actual
> application using the library IMHO. 

That would be a dozen+ separate applications.

> Or when installing a profile if it provides default DEBUGINFOD_URLS.

Like at "rpm -i"?  Those times are by design not chatty, and not
visible to the right people anyway.

- FChE

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