Frank Ch. Eigler
Fri Apr 30 17:06:09 GMT 2021

Hi -

> Hi, my name is John V. and I am seeking to use libelf.


> I notice from the Elfutils web page at under
> the section entitled “License” that “The libraries and backends are
> dual GPLv2+/LGPLv3+.”


> Does this mean that I can pick and choose to use libelf under either
> the GPLv2+ or under LGPLv3+ and if so, how do I indicate which
> license I have chosen to use?

The canonical answer is ... "ask your own lawyer".

AIUI, the informal answer is: you choose.  You don't have to make a
statement about what you're doing.  Sometimes people communicate it by
removing one or the other license permission in a derived work.  Or if
e.g. an end user asks you for source code for a combined work, you
need to do it under the rules for one or both.

- FChE

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