debuginfod in ALT linux Ex:Re: Will eu-addr2line support debuginfod?

Frank Ch. Eigler
Tue Apr 13 18:22:32 GMT 2021

Hi -

> On Tue, Dec 01, 2020 at 10:23:30AM -0500, Frank Ch. Eigler wrote:
> > We could also entertain teaching debuginfod itself to compress on the
> > fly.  It's just a more tricky use of the libmicrohttpd apis.
> Btw, JFYI, we have in ALT Linux our own debuginfod implementation (two
> scripts in ruby based on man debuginfod(8) protocol description) since 27
> Nov 2020. Maybe it would be useful to know there is alternative
> implementations too.

Sure, would be glad to link to it, if you send us a URL to the docs/code
and/or server itself.

- FChE

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