[Bug debuginfod/27277] support HEAD query for debuginfod content probe requests

fche at redhat dot com sourceware-bugzilla@sourceware.org
Tue Mar 30 20:16:28 GMT 2021


--- Comment #2 from Frank Ch. Eigler <fche at redhat dot com> ---
A related idea:
extend the webapi so that returned content includes response headers that
identify the archive & file name where the content was extracted from.
For server privacy, maybe pass back just the basename.  The client API
would need to be extended to store those headers as extra strings a client
could query.

All this can be used by smarter clients to identify in user-friendly ways the
origin of the buildid.  For example:

 % debuginfod-find describe BUILDID
 [runs HEAD query, listens to extra Headers]
 length: 2879342938423 
 server: https://foo/bar
 x-archive: foo-bar-2.3.rpm
 x-file: bin/sudifusdf

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