linker to be used for elfutils

Navin P
Wed Mar 17 04:14:38 GMT 2021

  I wanted to check if other linkers gold,lld are supported by elfutils.

 i have the following compilers and linkers

a) gcc + ld.bfd       all tests pass
b) clang + ld.bfd    all tests pass
c) gcc + gold         few tests fail
d) clang + gold      Still not tried
e) gcc + lld            Still not tried
f) clang + lld          few tests fail

Before evening getting into the tests and trying to fix it i would
like to know if all of these are supported ?

For example gcc + gold  fails due to zero sized AMS section in .rodata
for elfstrmerge executable.

Also we run elflint with --gnu-ld option for the tests.  Will it run
with --gnu-ld for lld and good ?


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