[Bug debuginfod/27532] debuginfod should ask the user for permission before downloading files

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Sat Mar 6 17:51:49 GMT 2021


--- Comment #2 from Sergio Durigan Junior <sergiodj at sergiodj dot net> ---
Thanks for the reply, Frank.

Yeah, I thought about the good practices, too.  My rationale for filing this
bug against debuginfod instead of e.g. GDB is that it is more uniform to have
the actual agent who performs the download worry about obtaining permission,
instead of having each library user (GDB, perf, etc.) do it.

As for the setting of the environment variable being considered consent, one of
the points raised in the discussion on debian-devel is that, with the way
things are implemented now (using a /etc/profile.d/ snippet), the user will
likely not be aware that DEBUGINFOD_URLS is set unless she herself was the one
who installed the system.  Also, and arguably, DEBUGINFOD_URLS's purpose is
just to specify which debuginfod servers should be consulted, not if it is OK
to do the actual request.

Anyway, I'm not opposed to the idea that it is the actual library user who
should obtain explicit user consent here.  In a way, you could even consider
that libdebuginfod is a wrapper around libcurl, and I totally agree that the
library should implement the mechanism and that its clients should implement
the policy.

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