[Bug general/27450] Update Polish translation

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Sat Mar 6 10:34:44 GMT 2021


--- Comment #9 from Piotr Drąg <piotrdrag at gmail dot com> ---
I already included Signed-off-by in the patches. As for POTFILES, I use
intltool-update -m to detect missing files.

(In reply to Dmitry V. Levin from comment #8)
> It also says the following listed files don't contain translations:
> $ grep '^[^#]' po/POTFILES.in |sort -u | \
>   comm -23 - <(git grep -El '\<(_|[ns]gettext) *\("')
> libdw/dwarf_error.c
> libdwfl/libdwflP.h
> libelf/elf_error.c
> src/elfcompress.c
> src/stack.c
> tests/backtrace.c
> tests/dwflmodtest.c

That’s not true, I guess your command ignores strings marked with N_?

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